About us

Over 50 years of experience

Our history

The Poliangolar equipment was created by Mr. Paolo Bremi in a machine shop in Milan in 1965.
Mr. Bremi was looking for a device suitable for machine holes in a fast, accurate and innovative way. Up to that moment, the production of square, hexagonal and special profiles was a very difficult, expensive and imprecise process.
The invention of Poliangolar revolutionized the broaching system and it was immediately appreciated in the precision engineering industry.
After its patent, many units have been sold to tool rooms, machine shops and to laboratories that needed to drill special high precision shapes.
Today our toolholders are used by both small and large companies.
Poliangolar Srl produces and sells a wide range of toolholders and cutting tools as well as the Polikey device suitable for the production of keyways and slots.
Poliangolar Srl, a company that manufactures and sells Poliangolar, Polikey and Multibrox equipment and tools is based in Settimo Milanese and is now managed by his sons Sergio & Luciano Bremi.